Rixon Fasteners is one of measured strategic management, a desire to fulfil client’s needs, a nexus of skilled workmanship and an infallible commitment to product quality control.

We, at Rixon Fasteners, pride ourselves for having mastered mass production of these products and with no compromising in levels of Quality. Our products can be used in a variety of applications. Over the years, we have served various clients from different industries like, automobiles, electrical, industrial, defence, chemical & fertilizers, fencing, construction, solar, infrastructure, metro, railways, oil & gas, ship building, bus, furniture, refineries and petrochemicals, networking server, aerospace, etc. Ask for a product at Rixon Fasteners and we will be more than obliged to serve our clients and fulfil their requirements. Our clientele is based all over the world. 

Why Us ?

Because we work in tandem with you. We do not consider ourselves as vendors; we believe in walking the length in business.

Because with us you are assured of consistent quality…. always, every time!

Because we value your business and wholly concentrate on our association with you at a premier level.

Because we understand your need for the correct product to be delivered on time, everytime!

Because we know you would rather pay the right price for the right quality than pay more price for a sub standard product.

Because…. we simply credit your intelligence in making the right choice us !!

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the world’s leading designer, manufacturer of premium quality industrial fasteners, and capturing a major share of the global market for industrial fasteners with a view to expand and explore accessible worldwide marketing and distribution networks.

Vendor Management Inventory (VMI)

Through the introduction of a managed system we can significantly reduce the time of expanse spent controlling your Total Acquisition Costs.

VMI Benefits :-

The benefit of VMI system are extensive it essentially reduces the amount of non- value added time spent on getting the right destination at the right time

  • Vendor based consolidated & reduction
  • Decreased inventory & Stock holding costs
  • Release administration costs
  • Condensed administration costs
  • Elimination of stock outs
  • Minimized storage space